Bellies was founded by NBA player Wilson Chandler and photographer and philanthropist,  Bibi Cornejo Borthwick, motivated by a shared need to give the kids in our inner cities the tools for a better future: education and nutrition. By providing these resources and community support, Bellies works to open the world to each kid. Bellies is mindful of our children and their futures.


Bellies Shoes are sneakers for kids. Bellies make for happy feet, and happy feet make for active bodies. 

Bellies feeds bellies too; for every pair of kids’ shoes sold, Bellies directs 20% of profits to help end child hunger. We believe that good nutrition and education are the foundations of success for kids everywhere. Through healthy eating programs and community engagement, Bellies brings both to underserved communities in America. 


Bellies believes in the life-changing powers of nutrition and education, which is why we created our ongoing Chef Program—a free and growing index of healthy, affordable recipes from culinary leaders and trailblazing chefs—through which our aim is to make healthful eating accessible to all families.